November 23, 2008

Weekend Pass ...

I woke up Saturday morning with a headache and it didn't get better till Sunday night. Guess I can only blame it on myself. A lot of bad alcohol mixed with little to no sleep all week long would result in only self-inflicted agony.

Saturday night I went to see "Cabaret". It was a great musical and the night out was relaxing. I had a headache then and my eyes were "buggy" (red and swollen) but I still enjoyed the act. I thought the Emcee was brilliant but I wasn't too fond of the main lady and her "husband". Her voice cracked a few times and I thought he over-emoted his character at times. Other than those flaws, the musical was a delight. The next one will be in May and it'll be "The Producers". That should be a good show as well. I hope it won't fall on my vacation time. I don't want to forfeit my good seats.

Friday's dinner (girls' night out) with only the ladies at work was fun. But I didn't care for the food much. I had actually better pasta elsewhere. The martini was made poorly and the taste actually made me queasy. Despite all that, the talk and get together was light and airy. It was a great time to spend with the others whom I never spoke to before.

We had an "Alcoholic Secret Santa" though it wasn't really secret since everyone knew who was giving the present to. Instead of alcohol, I bought tea for the name I picked out of the bin. She is pregnant so I got her a "blossoming tea" gift set which comprises of 8 flowering teas and I also got her Earl Grey loose tea leaves. In case she wouldn't like the teas, I got her a nice flower pattern cup at Starbucks.

I'm not sure if she liked them. It's hard for me to judge whether she appreciated the teas. I know she doesn't like coffee and alcohol is out of the question for a pregnant lady, so hopefully she did.

One of the managers of where I work choose my name. I received a really nice Starbucks Tazo Wooden Tea Chest. I also received "Voyant Chai Cream Liquor" from her. They're both really awesome gifts. I love both teas and chai liquor. I already started on the teas but the chai liquor I'm waiting for this coming Saturday when I have hot pot. It'll be a great combination.

Here are some photos of them:

"JUNGLE CHANNEL 56" ~ please adjust your atenna