December 21, 2010

"Next Great Baker": Thumbs down... Way down...

"Next Great Baker" is an American television series aired on TLC Network. This show features men and women from differing walks of life (not sure how they're selected) as contestants testing their baking and decorating skills in different challenges each week. Just like any reality television series, one contestant will be eliminated and the final person left in the kitchen will be the winner of a cash prize and an apprenticeship at Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey, United States.

That's the general overview of what the show is about. Now, here's what I thought about it:

I was annoyed by the "Next Great Baker" show contestants. So much bullying in it. I understand that it is a competition but there is no excuse for extremely childish and ignorant behaviour. There was a lot of whispering behind other people's backs, ignoring others, pack mentality, etc. It's a real shame that it was so bad that I couldn't continue watching it, since I had such high hopes coming off of "Cake Boss".

For those who prefer to be angered by this show or is actually interested in it (goodness knows why), here's the link of what the show is about (or supposed to be about):

"JUNGLE CHANNEL 56" ~ please adjust your atenna