January 1, 2030

56 Flavours of Oddities

Why "56 Flavours of Oddities"?

The title of this blog was inspired from this side picture posted on a One Piece fan facebook page.

One Piece is a Japanese manga & anime about a young man named Monkey D. Luffy who wants to become king of the pirates. He ate a devil fruit that gives him a strange power but is now cursed with being unable to swim. Him and his crew sail the seas to search for the treasure "One Piece".

Each of these ice cream flavours in the picture is a play on the characters' names in the anime. I found the names humorous so I just couldn't resist using part of the picture's title as my blog name "56 Flavours of Oddities".

Why "Oddities"? Basically, I wanted to create a blog that is more or less about my hobbies and interests including anime and manga, collection of my favourite fanfiction stories, and random pictures I've taken with my cellphone & camera over the last decade or so.

In other words, this blog is a conglomeration of odds-and-ends of what interests me.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay and feel free to leave comments.

"JUNGLE CHANNEL 56" ~ please adjust your atenna