January 26, 2009



It's now nearly 2am Monday.

I just got back from the temple for the lunar new year celebration.

The lion dance was nice. My brother-in-law took a video of it. When I get it from him, I'll have to upload it to my YouTube account.

Before the lion dance was the prayers for how to live your life well according to Buddha. Then after the lion dance were the hymns. It was long! The book of hymns was well over 50 pages.

Then, it was time to pluck the orange from the tree and receive the red-pocket from the monk. I saw my oldest sister trying to grab a red-pocket that was hanging from the tree and so I tried to do the same. One of the workers at the temple saw me and slapped my hand, scolding me not to do that. She was pointing at the monk standing nearby (which so happened to be my brother-in-law's father).

It turned out that the tree was for decoration only. I felt like a ninny. I just got scolded on the new years day. I can feel my luck slipping away.... I think my oldest sister and I were the only ones doing the wrong thing.

(i need to pray more often now...)

Besides that awful event, we had dessert and spring rolls in the cafeteria downstairs. It was really good. I had the three-colour-drink (mung bean, red bean, yellow bean, all in coconut milk) and it was quite refreshing. The spring roll was crispy. I love spring rolls!!

Only my older sister didn't have anything because of her wheat allergy. Besides, she had to go home to drink her herbal cold medicine. Ewwww, I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. hahahaha

Gotta go to sleep now.

Will post up some pics/video later.

Good night!

January 19, 2009


Monday is usually a day I dread since it's the beginning of the work week. Today was okay but I got a big surprise when I got back home.

My package from the store came today. It took about 14 days to get to me by postal which was ridiculous since I only live about 3-1/2 to 4 hours drive away from the store location.

But, I am so excited it didn't end up getting lost. Yippee!

I am enjoying their newest single right now. A really nice glossy coated packaging as well. I can't wait for their cd+dvd release later this year. I will have to remember to pre-order it....

Today, I was going through my dvd collections and pulled out my Remioromen dvd of their first dvd concert release "03-09" 2005 Live at Budokan. It is an awesome concert.

Hmm... maybe I will share a review with Remi fans in the near but distant future. That is, if I can remember to do it. Or when I'm not being lazy... which is always...

(twiddles thumbs in boredom)

Too many squats are painful to endure...

Oh man, I'm aching right now. I kind of overdid it on the exercise Sunday. All those squats really do work. Ah, my crazy new years resolution is killing me! ha ha ha

On a side note, I was estatic that same day when I picked up a magazine "Anime Insider" at the local bookstore. Guess what it had as a music blurb? Remioromen! I was so surprised. I always check out what artist from Japan they have every other month and normally, I am never interested in what they talk about. But, I can't believe they had a photo of their album "Kaze no Chroma".

Okay, it was a small blurb and picture, but heck I am still happy.

Now, if only my single cd will arrive in the mail. Curse the crappy Canadian postal service for losing my stuff. I am so not pleased.


January 12, 2009

Not job searching...

Over the weekend I had new job requests. I was only tempted by 30seconds because of the higher wage and drug/dental benefits, but I declined the offer. I enjoy where I am working now. I like the people whom I work with and the environment is really comfortable, even on certain days/times that are nuts.

Also, the restroom is located really close to my workstation. It's located in the private area away from customers and busy area. Yeah, the restroom is always important, in my eyes. ** ha ha ha ha ha ** I've also decorated my workstation with photos of my turtles and I have voodoo dolls hanging in conspicuous places. It makes work less stressful.

Good points about my workplace currently is the break times where I can boil water to steep my tea and the fact that lunch is provided for the staff birthdays. And there is a Christmas bonus. I repeat: Christmas bonus. I've never received one since the last three years from my old boss when his business partner retired.

The only bad points I can think of are the lunch breaks. There really is no lunch. Everyone huddles around a counter to eat. Usually it's hectic during that time because that's when customers decide to come in - during lunch time. Go figure...

Other than that, I have a pretty good time at work. Laugh a lot and still manage to get things done. ** smiles **

Speaking about work, I should be getting to sleep soon for work tomorrow morning.

Good night!!


Oh, my favourite rock band's vocalist/guitarist is celebrating his 29th birthday!

Wow, I wish I could see those youthful days again.

Photo above courtesy of (the now defunct) "Paradigm: All Your Remioromen Needs" posted by webmaster "lambchopsuey".

January 11, 2009

Already breaking resolutions...

I'm so awful. It's only the beginning of the third week into the new year and already I've broken half of my new year's resolutions.

Good thing one of them wasn't "sleeping early" because I would've broken that on the first day. ;p

It's past midnight and I should be sleeping.

Good night boys & girls!


January 4, 2009

Recap of 2008 and New Year's Resolutions

2008 went by in a flash.


I suppose it did so because there were ups and downs to that year. And, most likely, because I am not a student any longer so working fulltime makes the weeks fly by.

A quick recap of what went on in 2008:

January - This was the last full month I worked for my old boss of 7 years. It was an awful last couple of years filled with anger and bitterness. Too bad it ended the way it did but he just couldn't let it rest in dignity.

February - I started my new job on the 18th and never looked back once. It's a nice small place with great people who work there, and I'm still there to this date. Though I did have the seven months work blues, I got over that quickly. I'm happy where I am.

October - On the 25th, I had to write a certification exam. It was long and hard but I was satisfied after completing it. Finally, found a family physician to take me on as a patient.

December - On the second week of this month, I received news that I passed the certification exam. The certificate was mailed to me and I still haven't bought a frame for it yet.

Okay, that was it. ;p

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Make more money

2. Save more money

3. Minimize eating out

4. Stop biting fingernails
5. Stop peeling dry cracked skin
6. Lose weight through exercise
7. Eat more healthy
8. Be more patient and less angry/stubborn
9. Move out into a condo/house by December

I hope I can achieve even half of that on the list. ;p

And, on that note, I'm leaving you with this cute image of my siblings and I playing "Little Big Planet":

January 1, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

This afternoon I went to see the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" in theatres.

It wasn't astounding nor was it a flop. It was just okay. The acting was average but the child actor in it was annoying. The movie wasn't brainy so if you want to watch a movie that requires little thought and more action, then this one will be a good choice.

All in all, I think I would give the movie a rate of 3 stars out of 5 for entertainment sake. It is only about 1 hr and 45 minutes so it moves quickly enough for any moviegoer type.

"JUNGLE CHANNEL 56" ~ please adjust your atenna